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Here at ECO-DECONSTRUCTION we offer a wide range of services, we offer barn/building removal,barnwood for sale,relocating a barn/building for our customers, we also custom make furniture out of old barn materials. We are a custom shop, so all orders are made when placed,please allow 3-4 week lead time. We mostly specialize in barn removal, we come out take a look at the barn/building, tally all usable materials then we estimate the cost to take the barn/building down. Then we take a percentage of the profit to determine what we can offer our customers for thier barn/building. Every project we do has value, so dont think because your barn or building has fallin or is in poor condition that it doesnt have value. ECO-DECONSTRUCTION is a green company. We sell 100% recycled materials. We specialize in a wide variety of lumber, barn beams,barn board,barn joist,rustic barn tin,barn siding,barn doors,old hardware,and much more. Most of the lumber in our region consist of oak,hickory,chestnut,beech and maple. every once in a while we get heart pine and douglas fir. All of our lumber is surfaced denailed, sorted by width,thickness,and species,end cut, stacked,and banded for resale. We also buy barnwood from barns/buildings that have already been tore down. When we purchase these materials, we ask that they are sorted,surface denailed,and end cut. The more we have to handle the material, the less we can offer our customers for it.

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